Veneka is the Co-Founder and CEO of NOURI. With a passion for natural food, and having witnessed the power of education in her own life, she co-founded Nouri to be a force for good in the snack food industry. Through her career in the philanthropy and nonprofit, Veneka was inspired by her work with children in developing countries.  Looking forward five years from now, she hopes NOURI will have provided meals to over 10 million of the poorest children worldwide and empowered them to pursue an education. She attended Princeton University where she studied international policy and the Darden Business School where she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Jared is the Co-founder and President of Nouri but he prefers to think of himself as the chief taste-tester. His passion for "good-for-you" food and dedication to empowering others has kindled the fire for his work with Nouri. He graduated with a degree in Astrophysics from Princeton University which taught him how to remain tenacious and never give up on a goal. Jared has always loved to experiment and cook because creating delicious food is like a science experiment which requires you to be creative and innovative.  


Vilas is a Senior Advisor to Nouri and an expert on bringing high social impact products to market.  With years of experience as a business and legal strategist, Vilas brings a passion for social entrepreneurship and a talent for creating disruptive models for cultural and technological innovation.  Vilas is a founding partner at Dhar Law, LLP, and a J.D. from New York University School of Law.


Sabrina is the Community Strategist at Nouri. She has lived in three countries so far and brings a cross-cultural perspective to Nouri's work. Sabrina graduated from Princeton University with honors in Anthropology and a certificate in linguistics. Since high school, she has been an advocate for sustainable development and fair trade. Recognizing the interconnectedness of a globalized world, her aim in life is to make a difference wherever she is - starting with each Nouri bar we make!


Vance is the Regional Sales Manager of Nouri. He is interested in the applications of business and law to policy and the subsequent impact on society. While attending Princeton University, he studied Sociology and Urban Studies, fostering his passion for understanding the ways in which communities interact within themselves and across one another. This desire for reconciling the business and political realm with the needs of real people fuels his passion for Nouri's mission. He believes that through diligence and ingenuity, Nouri can and will play an important role in changing the lives of countless children.


Alex focuses on sales and product management at Nouri. A recent graduate from the University of Virginia, where he studied Economics and Philosophy, Alex is happy to be working in beautiful Charlottesville over the summer. Hardly unique among the Nouri crowd, Alex is passionate about real food. Having experimented with diets ranging from vegan to paleo (Nouri bars meet the requirements for both!), he eventually concluded that life without ice cream is pointless, so now he just tries eat generally healthy food. Alex is an avid runner and outdoors enthusiast, and loves sharing adventures of any sort with others.

Carter works on the design team and assists the marketing team by creating provocative and informative graphics. Originally from Virginia Beach, Carter recently graduated from the University of Virginia’s Architecture School with a minor in Global Sustainability. She is excited to be a part of the Nouri family because of her shared passion in implementing a global change through small yet systematic steps. Carter is interested in using her creativity to further the NOURI mission nationally and globally, while working towards positive change locally as a Fellow at her church in Charlottesville.


Camille is an intern at Nouri who currently attends Florida A&M University where she is studying Sociology and Public relations. She is a lover of natural products that range from hair care, skin care, and recently food. She loves to push her self to try new things while overcoming whatever obstacle may stand in her way.  She is excited to be a part of a  health conscious company like Nouri  that is making a positive difference in children's lives in the community and internationally.

Jenny is a brand ambassador with Nouri.  Her love for people and food go hand in hand. A fitness enthusiast who's been teaching group fitness for over 7 years.  She's excited to bring Nouri to others who share her love of good food and a healthy lifestyle.  Jenny loves to bake and entertain.  Experimenting with new recipes and old classics like fresh pasta. Living in Charlottesville, Virginia she enjoys the outdoors, tennis, running and a good pair of waders for fly fishing adventures.