A little about us

Jared Crooks

is the co-founder and President of NOURI but he prefers to think of himself as the chief bar taste-tester. His passion for good-for-you food and dedication to empowering others has kindled the fire for his work with NOURI. He graduated with a degree in Astrophysics from Princeton University and went on to work at NASA before creating NOURI to be an ‘out of this world’ company. Jared brings a scientific and creative spirit to the team, and loves to experiment, cook, and try all things new.

Veneka Chagwedera

is the co-founder and CEO of NOURI. She is a graduate of Princeton University and the Darden Business School where she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and decided to combine it with her desire to give back to help make the world a better place. Through her career in the philanthropy and nonprofit, Veneka was inspired by her work with underprivileged children. She co-founded NOURI to be a force for good in the snack food industry and to provide meals to millions of children worldwide and empower them to pursue an education.

And this is...

Our Awesome Team


is a Senior Advisor to NOURI and an expert on bringing high social impact products to market, both domestically and internationally.  With years of experience as a business and legal strategist to organizations in the developing world, Vilas brings a passion for social entrepreneurship and a talent for creating disruptive models for cultural and technological innovation. Vilas is a founding partner at Dhar Law, LLP, and holds a J.D. from New York University School of Law.


leads the sales and community engagement at NOURI.  Her love for people and food go hand in hand. As a fitness enthusiast who's been teaching group fitness for over 7 years, she's excited to bring NOURI to others who share her love of good food and a healthy lifestyle.  Jenny loves to bake and experiment with new recipes and old classics like fresh pasta. Living in Charlottesville, Virginia she enjoys the outdoors, tennis, running and a good pair of waders for fly fishing adventures.


is the finance and accounting brain behind the NOURI team. She brings a talent for spreadsheets, a passion for numbers, and a love for helping artisans grow a successful business. She solidified her footprint in the complex finance, tax, and accounting environment through degrees at both Howard and American Universities, and founded Growth Group to be a resource for entrepreneurs. In her spare time, Alexis gives back to support K-12 music programs, assisting students in the DC Metro area to receive opportunities to see their dreams through.


is a sales and brand ambassador at NOURI. She's also one of two resident athletes on the NOURI team! Dedicated to living an active, healthy, and fun life, Jaime found her perfect group with the NOURI team. She loves all outdoor activities and is addicted to smiles and sunshine. Jaime is not only passionate about sports, but also loves animals (go vegetarianism!).


is a sales and brand ambassador with NOURI. She attends The Catholic University of America, where she also plays lacrosse. Maddie is passionate about fitness and wellbeing, and her enthusiasm for food and talking to new people makes her job at NOURI easy! She loves being a part of the NOURI family, where helping people along with personal wellbeing go hand in hand.


is a brand champion for NOURI. A recent graduate from the University of Virginia, where he studied Economics and Philosophy, Alex is happy to be living in beautiful Charlottesville. Hardly unique among the NOURI crowd, Alex is passionate about real food. Having experimented with diets ranging from vegan to paleo (NOURI bars meet the requirements for both!), he eventually concluded that life without ice cream is pointless, so now he just tries eat generally healthy food. Alex is an avid runner and outdoors enthusiast, and loves sharing adventures of any sort with others.


is the business development intern at NOURI. With a passion for nutrition, and pastry arts, he has a lifelong dream of teaching nutrition classes to children and sharing healthier foods and healthier living styles. Jordon hopes to bring readily accessible healthy treats to those with allergies. His favorite food? Anything that can make you smile at the first bite! He is a major in Business Management and minor in French.


is a sales and brand ambassador at NOURI. She lives in Ivy, VA where she is studying to be a teacher. Her interests include living a healthy lifestyle with her family, cooking with whole foods, gardening, herbal medicine, and inspiring every child she encounters.